2023-01-04 FLPNM SCC Meeting Minutes

The Free Libertarian Party of New Mexico State Central Committee (SCC) convened a meeting at
6:50 PM on January 4, 2023. Roll call was performed by the Secretary and the Treasurer, Legislative
Director, Campaigns Director, and Communications Director were absent at the time of the roll call.
Immediately after roll call, the Campaigns Director and Legislative Director joined the meeting.
The Chair opened the floor for public comment, and there were no comments and no one in the
electronic waiting room.
The Agenda was read and adopted with no objections.
The Treasurer then made a report. He reported that the current bank balance stood at $1124.39,
with another large chunk waiting on Stripe. The expected payout from Stripe was projected to bring the
total to $2250.88. At the end of the Treasurer’s report, Richard Gurry joined the meeting as an observer.
The proposed minutes from the previous meeting on December 15, 2022 were considered and the
Fundraising Director moved to approve those minutes. The motion passed with eight votes in favor and
none opposed.
The Chair raised a potential issue with insufficient notice of the previous meeting, and had
consulted with a parliamentarian. The remedy suggested by the parliamentarian was to ratify the
decisions of the previous meeting at this one. The minutes from December 15, 2022 were moved by the
Chair for ratification and the motion passed with no objections.
The Secretary then moved to ratify the election of Deborah Beatty as Fundraising Director. The
motion passed with no objections. The Treasurer moved to ratify the election of Nathan Shocklee as
Affiliate Director, and the motion passed with no objections. The issue of email hosting at $8/month from
the last meeting was discussed, and the Campaigns Director moved to ratify that appropriation. The
motion passed with no objections.
The Chair then took the floor to give official recognition to the Membership and Outreach
Directors for their efforts in drafting, editing, and releasing the Party newsletter. The Board took a few
minutes to recognize them.
The Chair noted that there were possibly still some Board members who had not paid their dues.
All members of the Board that were present stated that they had paid.
The issue of Convention funding rose next. There was a significant amount of discussion, and the
recent large group of donations had potentially increased the number of members such that a possible
venue had to be eliminated. After discussion, members of the Convention Committee suggested that this
issue be tabled while they collect some data on possible costs.
The next issue discussed was an allocation for a parliamentarian for the Convention. Caryn Ann
Harlos had offered to help out as a parliamentarian for the Convention if the Party could cover her travel
costs. These costs were estimated at $550 in total. After some discussion, the Campaigns Director
moved to allocate $550 for this purpose. The vote was held by raised hands and ten votes in favor, a
unanimous vote, approved the motion.
Returning to the Convention Committee, after some discussion they requested an allocation of
$500 for the Convention, including venue and food. After some discussion, the Fundraising Director
moved to allocate $500 to the Convention Committee for this purpose. There were no objections, and the
motion passed.
The next issue discussed was the possibility of having literature available for members at the
Convention. The Outreach Director made a short address to the rest of the Board, and several options
were discussed. However, the exact amount needed was still uncertain, so the Campaigns Director moved
to table this issue for the time being. There were no objections, and the motion passed.
Funding for badges at the Convention was discussed next. During the discussion, options for
badges were explored, as well as how to separate any voting members from non-voting observers during
the Convention. In the end, the Treasurer moved to allocate $65 for badges. The motion was passed
without objection.
The issue of credentialing members at the Convention was raised and there was some discussion.
The Treasurer and Membership Director offered to cover the door and check people in, and help with
reserved seating, if necessary. The Vice Chair moved to officially assign them this task, but after some
discussion, it was agreed that an official motion was not necessary. The motion was withdrawn without a
vote, the matter considered handled by volunteers.

The possibility of having the NAP pledge signed at the door was raised and discussed. The
conclusion was that the Bylaws do not allow us to make this change. Thus, the necessity of being
extremely clear about the importance of the NAP pledge for incoming members was raised, discussed,
and the Board agreed to ensure this is properly communicated.
Next, the Chair noted that Caryn Ann Harlos had offered to give a short speech at lunch about
basic libertarian principles at no extra charge. There were no objections.
The funding for the party the week after the Convention to welcome the members of the
Libertarian National Committee was then discussed. After some discussion, the Campaigns Director
moved to table this discussion for the moment. The motion passed with no objections.
The possible reprimand of the Vice Chair for some actions relating to internet posts and websites
opened with a name similar to the Party’s official name was raised and discussed. After some discussion
and debate, there was no motion forthcoming and the issue was closed with no reprimand of the Vice
At that point, the Treasurer moved to adjourn. However, the Campaigns Director objected and
moved to reopen public comment. That motion was passed with no objections. After some public
comments, the Affiliate Director noted that there was an issue with the website. After some investigation,
the Chair agreed there was an issue and to handle it.
At that point, public comment was closed and the Fundraising Director moved to adjourn. The
motion passed without objections and the meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM.