All of Your Freedoms, All of the Time

A message from the new Chair, Dereck Scott, and the Communications Director, Richard Gurry:


Our current time is destined for the history books. What we do now will shape the lives of generations to come.
Let us choose wisely.

We are deeply concerned with what the Governor has done in New Mexico.
It began with a tragedy, and like most tragedies, the government’s response tramples on human rights, your freedom, and your children’s future liberties while doing nothing to solve the problem at hand. Raw, unadulterated power is what our politicians seek and it is clear that they will stand on bodies to grasp for more.


The governments role is to protect life, liberty, and property while not infringing on the rights of others. Furthermore, declarations and edicts that are spewed from politicians mouths are not law. They never have been, and they never will be regardless of the emergency du jour. Our governor has exercised illegitimate authority time and time again, continuously crossing the line every chance she gets. It’s time to put a stop to this and end the madness.

It’s not guns, it’s not diseases, it’s not climate change. The real public emergency is government overreach.

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham deserved to be arrested in 2020, but 2023 will suffice. May she have a speedy and fair trial by her peers. We bequest that our law enforcement act immediately to arrest and arraign Michelle Lujan Grisham for the crimes that she is committed. She is obviously someone who’s helping criminals and not helping the community or the state. We cite US code of justice 18 section 242 color of law Title 5 usc 7311 and Title 18 USC 1918. Under the New Mexico Constitution clearly the violation of, Article 2 Section 3, Article 2 Section 6, and Article 2 Section 7. We call on the house and the Senate of New Mexico to  inact article 4 section 6 and immediately start impeachment and arrest.

We seek to abolish any and all emergency powers that the governor claims to have and fully restore every single fundamental natural human right to all New Mexicans, for generations to come.

Plain and simple!

It is time to restore the greatest gift that we can bestow upon our families and neighbors. This gift is liberty. This gift is freedom. This gift is living in a lawful society with a restricted government that protects your way of life from treacherous thugs, whether they be from the government or the private sector.

Imagine yourself, gray and old, in the sunset years of your life being asked by young children what you did to make a better world. Let us not say that we did nothing.

Remember, you are NOT the descendants of fearful individuals that built this land.


Be bold – Be free – Be LIBERTARIAN.

Join the Free Libertarian Party of New Mexico.

Join the Free Libertarian Party of New Mexico and become part of a movement intent on spreading liberty to all!

Libertarians believe that all Americans should be free to live their lives as they see fit so long as they don’t harm other people.  We strongly oppose government interference in people’s personal, family, or business decisions.


The Free Libertarian Party of New Mexico (FLPNM) is your representative in New Mexico politics. We are the only political party that respects you as a unique and responsible individual.

You are an integral part of building our infrastructure here in New Mexico. Get involved today!

Live And Let Live

Libertarians are practical. We know that we can’t make the world perfect. But, it can be better. The Libertarian Party is the only political party that respects your rights as a unique and competent individual. We want a system that allows all people to choose what they want from life — that lets us live, work, play, and dream our own way.

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  • On September 29th, 2023, we will be holding a demonstration and press conference at the Bataan Memorial Park (748 Tulane Dr. NE, Albuquerque) regarding the governor’s unconstitutional gun control order.

  • Per our Bylaws, on a meeting on September 20th, 2023, we officially changed our name to the Free New Mexico (FNM) Party to seek minor party status while the legal actions in getting the Libertarian name back from the disaffiliated organization are pending.  We remain affiliated with the National Libertarian Party and will continue to work with them to return the Libertarian name where it belongs.

  • Additional events are planned. Please check back here, sign up for our newsletter, or join us on our members-only Slack group for further details to be announced.

  • An informal meetup, open to the public, is held the third Tuesday of every month at 6:00pm at the Frontier Restaurant, 2400 Central Ave SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106.

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