2022-11-07 FLPNM SCC Meeting Minutes

The meeting of the Free Libertarian Party of New Mexico (FLPNM) State Central Committee
(SCC) was held on Monday, November 7, 2022, at 6:50 PM, over Zoom. All four members of the SCC
were present. This being the first such meeting, there were no previous minutes to read and approve.
The Chair convened the meeting and added the agenda to the chat.
The Chair then opened the floor to public comment from the SCC and observers. Two questions
were asked, the first about meeting notice requirements and the second about the logistics regarding the
payment of dues. These questions were tabled by the Chair, to be answered after the completion of other
official business.
The first order of business was to decide whether or not to send a thank-you letter to the LNC for
their assistance in the establishment of the group. The Chair opened the discussion, and no opposition
was raised. The decision was made that the Secretary and Treasurer would draft the letter and submit it
for approval to the rest of the SCC, and, upon approval, to post it as appropriate.
The next order of business was the appointment of Directors. The first position discussed was the
Outreach Director, but there were no immediate nominations for the position. The Treasurer asked for
time to solicit nominations from the community. Then the floor was opened for general nominations to
other Directorships.
Two people were nominated as Legislative Director, Aaron Perls and Elizabeth Honce. Tom
Fachan expressed an interest in a Directorship, but was unsure where his talents would be most
applicable. After some discussion, A. Perls was nominated by the Secretary, and was elected by voice
vote of the SCC.
The Chair suggested positions as the Membership Director or Affiliate Development Director to T.
Fachan. After some discussion, a motion was made to nominate T. Fachan as Membership Director, and
he was elected by voice vote.
Richard Gurry asked about a possible position as an Outreach Director and a discussion ensued.
The major community event in the near future is the March Convention, and that this should be the focus
of significant effort. The Chair offered a possible name for the Convention: “Setting Freedom Free.” The
Treasurer noted that the Communications Director position is also urgently needed, as the FLPNM needs
a website.
R. Gurry temporarily lost his connection to the meeting, so the Chair tabled the current discussion
and moved on to the County Affiliation of Bernalillo County. The draft form for application to affiliate
status was displayed and read, and a few changes were made. The SCC then approved the amended form.
R. Gurry returned to the meeting and discussion continued. The idea of a non-SCC “Convention
Committee Chair” position was discussed. R. Gurry was nominated for this position after discussion and
was elected by voice vote of the SCC.
The Chair then returned to questions from the floor. Regarding the notice for SCC meetings, the
Chair referenced the Bylaws and noted that, since the FLPNM still has no website, that notice cannot yet
be provided on that medium. It was suggested that notice should be posted to the FLPNM’s Facebook
pages until a permanent website exists. The Treasurer noted that the website might be available as soon
as the end of the week.
The next meeting for the SCC was proposed for two weeks from the current meeting. A motion
was made, and with no objections, the next meeting of the SCC was scheduled for 6:50 PM, November
21, 2022.
The Treasurer made a progress report. An IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN) has been
procured. R. Gurry and Maggie were asked for a rough budget and deadline for fund collection for the
upcoming March Convention.
The question regarding payment of dues was answered by noting that the FLPNM needs a bank
account before it can accept payments.
A motion was made to adjourn and was passed by voice vote.