2022-11-21 FLPNM SCC Meeting Minutes

This meeting of the Free Libertarian Party of New Mexico (FLPNM) State Central Committee
(SCC) was held on Monday, November 21, 2022, at 6:50 PM, over Zoom. All six members of the SCC
were present. The Chair opened the floor for public comment, and no comments were raised. The
Treasurer then moved to approve the minutes from the November 7, 2022 meeting, and they were
approved by voice vote.
There was no old business to cover. The SCC moved on to discuss the potential nomination of
Tyler Werne to the position of Outreach Director. After some discussion, the Vice Chair moved to
nominate Tyler Werne to the position of Outreach Director. The nomination was approved without
The Chair then noted that Devin Rivera might be interested in the position of Communications
Director. After some discussion, the matter was temporarily tabled, since Devin Rivera was not yet
present in the meeting.
The SCC then started to move forward, discussing appropriation of $50 for the filing fee as a
PAC. The Treasurer reported that a bank account should be opened soon, probably the next day.
However, Elizabeth Honce noted that Dereck Scot had expressed an interest in the position of Campaign
Director, so the SCC tabled the appropriations questions for the moment and returned to nominations.
There was some discussion about short-term strategy regarding campaigns and ballot access.
Dereck Scot described some details and answered some questions. Then the Treasurer moved to appoint
Dereck Scot to Campaign Director. The motion was approved by voice vote.
At that time, Devin Rivera entered the meeting and there was more discussion about the position
of Communications Director as well as some questions to Devin regarding his interest in the position.
The Vice Chair nominated Devin to Communications Director, and the motion was approved by voice
The SCC then moved on to appropriations. The Vice Chair moved to appropriate $50 for the
filing fee as a PAC. There were no objections, and the motion passed. The committee then began to
discuss the issue of a venue for the 2023 Convention. After some discussion, it was decided that more
research was needed before an amount for appropriation would be known. The issue of appropriation for
the convention venue was tabled until a later date.
The Chair then opened the floor for any questions. There were a few questions and answers, about
the ongoing issue of the name of the Party and the status of taking pledge money for memberships. After
discussion of these questions, the Treasurer moved to adjourn. The motion was approved by voice vote
and the meeting adjourned at 8:03 PM.