Proposed Bylaw Amendment to be Discussed at Convention

The Chair and Secretary propose an Amendment to the Bylaws, to be considered at the 2024 State Convention.

The purpose of this amendment is to deal with the possible lack of applicants who are active in the FNM Party, who can also bear the cost of the trip to DC, to the National Delegation. In short, it allows the SCC to fill any open slots in the delegation with qualified delegates from other states, for the 2024 National Convention. After the end of the 2024 State Convention, the amendment automatically deletes itself.

The Amendment changes Article 9, Section 6 to read: (the bold text is new)

6.  The Party Chair shall serve as Delegation Chair or may request that the National Convention Delegates select a Delegation Chair. Substitutions shall only be made from the list of National Convention Alternates selected by the state Convention Delegates or afterwards added by a majority vote of the present SCC (provided said National Convention Alternates did not receive a less than majority vote by the last state Convention). Substitutions and selection of additional National Convention Delegates may be made at the National Convention by a majority of the attending National Convention Delegates, provided that such substitutes or additions would have been qualified to be elected at the state Convention, did not receive less than a majority vote at the last state Convention, and have signed a statement to the effect that they support the Statement of Principles of the national Libertarian Party.  For the 2024 national Convention only, the SCC may suspend the requirements of Section 1 of this article by a majority vote and may by a majority vote select Delegates and Alternates that are not members of the party but are members of another officially recognized state affiliate and national Sustaining members provided that all party members (if any) elected by the SCC be given a higher rank than any members who are not party members.   These provisions specific to the 2024 convention will be automatically deleted from the bylaws upon adjournment sine die of the 2024 national convention.


Dereck Scott, Chair

Rudolph Kohn, Secretary