Proposed Minutes for March 12, 2024 SCC Meeting

The Free New Mexico (FNM) Party State Central Committee (SCC) called a meeting to order at 7:16 PM on Tuesday, March 12, 2024. The members present at the call to order were the Chair, Vice Chair/Secretary, Campaigns Director, Communications Director, Outreach Director, and Legislative Director.

The agenda was:

1) Hold an election for Treasurer
2) Appoint a Chair for the 2025 State Convention Committee
3) Discuss methods for increasing engagement with members, e.g. notifications for regular SCC meetings

The Chair began by asking the Secretary to read the agenda. After the agenda was read, the Chair began the election for Treasurer.

The Secretary nominated Bret Konsavage for Treasurer. Mr. Konsavage provided some background on his experience in related matters and answered some questions from the SCC. The Chair opened the floor for further nominations but none were forthcoming. With discussion ended, the Chair asked for a voice vote on Mr. Konsavage’s nomination.

The Secretary then held a voice vote. Of the six members present, all six voted in favor of Mr. Konsavage’s election. Per the bylaws, this was a 2/3 vote of all current members of the SCC, six out of nine. Mr. Konsavage was elected Treasurer.

There was then a motion to postpone the requirement for a Treasurer’s report until the new Treasurer could brief himself on the party’s finances. The motion passed with no objections.

The Chair then moved to table the selection of the State Convention Committee Chair. This motion passed with no objections.

The Secretary then discussed a possible way to increase engagement by Party Caucus Members by creating an opt-in list for SCC meeting notifications. The Secretary moved to allow the Secretary to create such a system and tags for engagement of regular members. After some discussion and questions, the Treasurer also suggested adding an opt-in button to other communications to members.

The voice vote for the motion then proceeded, with six in favor and one abstention. The motion passed.

The Chair then opened the floor for comments from the SCC and made a few short statements. Then the Chair moved to adjourn. The motion passed without objection and the meeting adjourned at 7:38 PM.