Volunteer Signature Drive details

Hey all,

We’ve made some good progress toward ballot access, with National’s canvasser handing in around 2500 signatures, but proper funding of that larger effort depends on us doing a bit of volunteer work for signatures, too!

If you have any signatures, send them in and keep canvassing. We have about a month left, but it’s best to get signatures in while they’re fresh.

For instructions, click here.

For a blank signature sheet, click here.

Our new Treasurer, Bret Konsavage, has had great success, getting over 60 signatures in just three hours of knocking doors around his neighborhood.

We can help with postage if you need it. Send the Chair an email at the address below.

Every little bit is a huge help!

Contact the Chair at chair@flpnm.org or the Secretary at secretary@flpnm.org if you have questions.