2023-02-08 FLPNM SCC Meeting Minutes

The Free Libertarian Party of New Mexico (FLPNM) State Central Committee (SCC) convened a meeting at 6:50 PM on February 8, 2023. Roll call had the Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Legislative Director, and Campaigns Director present. Immediately after roll call, the Membership Director joined the meeting. The Chair opened the floor to public comment, but there were none. At 6:55 PM, the Chair confirmed that the meeting’s waiting room was empty and moved on to official business.

The business proposed for this meeting was to approve the Convention agenda. The agenda was approved with no objections or amendments. The discussion after that covered several points. The Campaigns Director discussed what he would need to talk about non-partisan election opportunities at the Convention, and after some discussion, the SCC agreed to put about 20 minutes for that into the Convention agenda. Fundraising opportunities were discussed, and the possibility of tying fundraising to potential candidates was raised. A ten minute session for the Treasurer to give a report at the Convention was added to the agenda. The possibility for Bylaws amendments and their requirements was discussed, and to this end, the Campaigns Director moved to create a Bylaws Committee and nominated the Secretary to chair that committee. That motion passed with a voice vote, with no opposition. A few members of the SCC had potential amendments they wished to propose to the Bylaws Committee, so the amount of time the Bylaws Committee would need to propose and move amendments was left open-ended in the Convention agenda.

The Convention agenda was approved as follows:



  1. Approval of Agenda
  2. Treasurer’s Report
  3. Election of the State Central Committee, including all directors, Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer
  4. Election of the Judicial Committee (5 positions)
  5. Amendments to the Bylaws
  6. Non-partisan Race Opportunities
  7. Fundraising
  8. Adjourn


At this point, all discussion over the Convention agenda was finished and the Chair re-posted the amended agenda and moved to approve it for the Convention. The motion passed by voice vote without opposition.

At that point, the Secretary moved to adjourn the meeting. The motion passed without opposition at 7:54 PM and the FLPNM SCC adjourned the meeting at that time.