Proposed Minutes, SCC Meeting May 5th, 2023

The State Central Committee (SCC) of the Free Libertarian Party of New Mexico (FLPNM) convened at 6:02 PM on May 5, 2023 for an official meeting. Present at the meeting were the Vice Chair, the Secretary, the Membership Director, the Campaigns Director, the Communications Director, the Affiliate Director, and the Fundraising Director.

The proposed agenda was:

-Review of last meeting’s agenda and decisions.
-Any housekeeping and announcements.
-Report from treasury on donations and account balance.
-Finalize and vote on caucus names and amount.
-Elect a new Chair.
-Schedule next board meeting for the new Chair.

However, due to the importance of the business of electing a new Chair, there was a general agreement to work toward having more complete attendance of the SCC for this matter. The Communications Director moved to suspend the agenda. The motion passed unanimously. There was some discussion about making an effort to get every SCC member in attendance before voting on a new Chair.

The Affiliate Director moved to discuss a referendum issue, and that motion passed unanimously. Cynthia Canner provided information about some referenda being worked on toward an Article 4, Section 1 suspension of several recently passed laws.

The Vice Chair then moved to announce the resignation of the Chair on the website, and that motion was passed unanimously.

A motion was then put forward to have the FLPNM support the referendum project. There was some additional explanation about the referendum project by the Fundraising Director, who provided details about the project at After discussing the issues, the Vice Chair moved to amend the motion to make it an announcement instead of direct support. This motion was passed with six votes out of seven, with one member being temporarily absent.

The Vice Chair then moved to appoint a committee head for the referendum project. Cynthia Canner nominated herself as head of the committee. After a vote, she was approved by six votes out of seven, with one member temporarily absent.

The Campaigns Director then moved to discuss a libertarian-leaning gathering on May 20, 2023. Instead, the Vice Chair offered to open the floor for comments from the SCC and the motion was withdrawn.

The Campaigns Director then provided information about a gathering being held by ABQ Unmasked and the New Mexico Freedoms Alliance. The gathering is being held on May 20, 2023, at noon, at the Vista Del Norte Park in Albuquerque.

Then, the Membership Director made a motion to adjourn. The motion passed unanimously, and the SCC adjourned at 6:43 PM.