Proposed Minutes for November 19, 2023 SCC Meeting

The Free New Mexico Party (FNM Party) State Central Committee (SCC) called a meeting to order at 4:05 PM on Sunday, November 19, 2023, at 4:05 PM. The members of the SCC present were the Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Legislative Director, Campaigns Director, and Communications Director.

The Secretary read the agenda, which contained two items:

1) Approve sending out the request for applications/nominations for Vice Chair

2) Status update on signatures for minor party status

The Chair proposed sending a message to all members that we will have an election for Vice Chair on Wednesday, the 29th of November, 2023, at 7 PM. The Chair then opened the floor for discussing the timing of meetings. All members attending agreed that that date and time would work.

The Chair then moved to put out an advertisement for applications and nominations for the Vice Chair position and hold the election at that time. The vote was done by roll call, and all members present voted yes. The motion passed unanimously.

The Chair and Secretary volunteered to send out the notifications.

The Chair then raised agenda item (2) for reports and discussion. The Campaigns Director noted that the sign-up sheets have just recently become available. She also noted that the former Chair, Karen Bedonie, has expressed an interest in helping with signatures. The Chair stated that the deadline for the signatures is in July of 2024. He also noted that Birthdate is missing from the signature forms, which may need to be fixed.

The discussion then moved on to methods and specifics. The Communications Director noted that the FNM Party’s principled anti-war stance might serve as a valuable counterpoint to the two main parties. The Chair explained that the National Libertarian Party may be able to help if the FNM Party makes an investment.

The Chair noted that many of the signatures will likely be rejected, and said that the number of signatures practically needed is somewhere between 8000 and 10000. He reiterated that the deadline is in the middle of July 2024, possibly the 12th, but no one was sure of the exact date.

The Chair also discussed using malls, shopping centers, parking lots, and other public places for signature gathering. He asked the Campaigns Director about where to collect those signature forms, and she said she would collect them at her office.

The Chair then moved to adjourn. The motion passed with no objections, and the FNM Party stood adjourned at 4:39 PM.