Call to Meeting, September 20, 2023, 7 PM


The Chair has called a regular meeting of the Free Libertarian Party of New Mexico for 7 PM on September 20, 2023.

The agenda is:

  1. Discuss recent informal meeting with Nathan Fatah about Gun Grab
  2. Notes from Chair regarding signature drive
  3. Changing the name of the party to make it legally distinct from other state parties
  4. Appointing the head of a committee to handle the signature drive and designate funds for that purpose.

The meeting will be electronic, held on the FLPNM’s Discord server.

The URL to join the server is
This URL will be valid through 7 PM on September 20th.
Please contact the Secretary at if you need assistance entering the Discord server.

Rudy Kohn
Secretary, FLPNM